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bi-weekly virtual racing series

Alternate Wednesdays at 7:30pm GMT on

Separate men's & women's races

12 bi-weekly virtual racing events, each with separate men’s and women’s races as we build to the Women’s Super Cup in January 2024!

Each race we sample a new IndieVelo course and on occasion, enjoy a fantastic new race format.  Typically though, we specialise in they scratch races designed to last close to an hour long, always with a challenge along the way! So this is winter virtual racing at its best, to ensure you are already at race speed when the weather improves and the real world racing is back.

The best bit is, IndieVelo is currently free to join!

how to join

Joining this virtual racing series could not be simpler. Download IndieVelo and you will find our races in the events calendar on alternate Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm GMT from 25 October.

That’s It!

In need of a team?

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If you are keen to race as part of a collective and benefit from the support a team can provide, check out RIAK Racing, who are an open team that in particular, support female riders into trying virtual racing.

RIAK Racing page