virtual cycling esports

virtual hour record

The ultimate race against the clock

next instalment: 22nd may
6:00am, 12:oopm & 7:30pm gmt

simple in concept, brutal in nature

There is just one objective, how far can you go in 60-minutes?

Date: 22nd May

Time slots: 6:00am, 12:00pm & 7:30pm GMT

Location: Velodrome on IndieVelo

current holders


Matthew Forshaw
Electric Spirit Co.


Caroline Reuter
RIAK Racing

virtual hour record

how to join the virtual hour record

This is also very simple. Head to the events calendar in IndieVelo and sign up.

As a challenge for discounts, whereby you can earn discounts on our partner brands, this event has Tier 1 verification requirements. This means you will need at least the following to enter: 

  1. a smart trainer as your primary power source;
  2. a connected heart rate monitor; and
  3. a connected cadence sensor.

These tech requirements are essential to enable us to verify results and crown the official virtual hour record holders!

need help training

We have two fantastic partners to help you in your preparations. Head to our Training page to learn more about our coaching partners, RIAK Fitness and our training partners, Pillar.