the women's super cup

26 – 28 January 2024


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Our objective is to create THE preeminent women’s E-racing event.  By working with British amateur clubs, we believe that together, we can develop an incredibly inclusive array of races and provide the support to help those not familair with E-racing or racing in general, to give it a go!


The Women’s Super Cup will feature a wide variety of events intended to provide opportunities for riders of all skillsets:

– criterium;

– time trials of varying distances;

– team time trials;

– segment race – a form of race unique to WahooRGT, whereby participants can complete a challenging course largely at their own pace but with certain segments raced like mini time trials.  We like to think of it as like a granfondo but with short fun sections you can go a bit nuts in;

– elimination race – much like on the track, every few laps the last couple of riders are eliminated until it comes to the final sprint; and

– a road race, which will be the blue ribbon event.

Each club that enters, will be asked to provide at least one rider for each event and between 3 to 6 riders for the team time trial.

Event schedule

Races will be spread over an entire weekend, starting in the evening of Friday 26th January and finishing with the Road Race on Sunday afternoon.

  • Elimination Race
  • ITT – 5km
  • Criterium
  • ITT – 40km
  • Segement Race
  • ITT – 20km
  • Road Race
Team Time Trial

Teams are at liberty to complete their TTT at any point over race week with submissions required before the end of the Road Race on the Sunday.

register your club's interest

We truly want to encourage female riders of all experience levels to participate and for them to have the support they need to get to the startline.  That is why our organisational approach is to liaise with British Cycling and British Triathlon affiliated clubs.  This way, less experienced riders can benefit from the support of more experienced riders and the structures within their club, especially when it comes to the technology side of things.  

To register your club’s interest, all you need to do is hit the button below and provide the details of a dedicated club contact with whom we can liaise.

What if I’m not a member of a club?

Don’t worry if you are not currently a member of a club.  Our coaching partners, RIAK Fitness, have their own women’s e-racing team, which you can join for FREE!

Head to the RIAK Racing webpage (see button below) for more details on how you can join their racing community and benefit from the support of their incredibly successful race team.

Join the RIAK Racing Community

The support package

Training Plans
To help every participant reach the startline of their chosen event(s) full of confidence, an array of event specific training plans will be made available.
Live Coached Sessions

Live coached group rides and workouts hosted on WahooRGT, will provide an opportunity for participants to benefit from the wisdom of RIAK Fitness’ experienced coaches and become more familiar with the WahooRGT platform.

Group Rides

In the lead up to the event, we will be hosting several group rides on WahooRGT in collaboration with both RIAK and Stolen Goat.

The TOEC E-racing Series

TOEC is in the advanced stages of launching its very own bi-weekly E-racing series on WahooRGT.  It will include a women’s only race and provides a fantastic opportunity for prospective participants to build up some form in advance of the Women’s Super Cup.  Keep your eyes peeled on our social channels for more updates!

event coverage & Goodies

Live Stream Coverage
Commentary, expert analysis and in-race rider check-ins for each event.
Technical Support

As partners of WahooRGT, we have a lot of experience helping riders with tech questions, so we will be there to help clubs and their riders get to the startline with the absence of tech related stress.

E-goody Bags

All participants will enjoy an amazing array of sponsor discounts and goodies!


Individual as well as team prizes, which might just help pay for the club’s christmas party!

RIAK Fitness
Precision Rewards
Stolen Goat