the virtual
world 24-HOUR time trial championships

6pm gmt, 9 december 2023

in collaboration with Race Across America and The WTTC

our 2023 champions!

the events

Team Relay, 3, 6, 12 & 24-HOUR championship events

Choose your championship!

 3, 6, 12 and 24-hour individual time trial events.  Challenge yourself to see how long you can go or push to see if you can compete for an individual title!

‘pro’ & ‘community’ events

Not everyone wanting to take part will have the right equipment or the wish to ‘compete’ at the highest level.  That is why participants of any of the solo events can choose in advance whether they participate in the ‘community’ event with few regulations, or in the ‘pro’ event, which must comply with strict equipment and verification rules (see the ‘How It Works‘ page for the detail).

6-hour Team Relay Challenge

New for this year’s event, why not pull a squad of three together and take on the 6-hour challenge as a team, tagging the next person in once your 2-hour leg is up?!

how the events will work

For full details on how the events work in practice, please hit the button below and head to the ‘How It Works’ page. Here are a few key details though:

Where will it take place?

For this event we will be using our partner platform IndieVelo, which is currently free to use.


Each participant will enter their chosen championship in advance (i.e. the 3-hour, 6-hour, 12-hour or 24-hour championship).

Joining the event

The events will be listed in the IndieVelo calendar and access codes will be circulated to participants in advance to enable entry to the start pen.  All events will start at 6pm GMT on 9th December.


All races will start together at 6pm GMT on 9th December as mass start time trials.  Meaning plenty of people to gauge your progress against but no drafting. Just you against the clock!


For the solo ‘Community’ events, results will be collected but we will not check the equipment used or attempt to verify these results, so they will be somewhat unofficial.  

The results of the ‘Pro’ events, however, will be subject to certain equipment and verification requirements, so please do check the ‘How It Works‘ page before entering. 

the course

[Click for larger image]

The course for this year’s event will be the flat coastal route on IndieVelo and your challenge will be to cover as much distance as you can with your team or as an individual within the allotted championship duration.


At TOEC, we don’t just create epic events and challenges, we provide a full service package for participants, which  includes:

AI driven event specific training plans from Pillar

Our friends at Pillar use advanced analytics to provide individualised training plans that adapt in real-time depending on how you progress.  As part of our partnership, this includes particular adaptations that will enable you to train specifically for our events!

What’s more, if you hit the button below, you can enjoy an extra month for FREE on top of the month Pillar already provide!

Grab an extra month FREE with Pillar here!

Live coached event preparation workshops hosted by riak fitness

On 29th November, RIAK Fitness will be hosting two workshops to help you prepare for the event, talking you through things like how to pace yourself, how to fuel and stay hydrated and practical steps you can take to mitigate any discomfort.

triathlon, cycling, running coaching
Check out RIAK's coaching relationships here!

Event Briefing sessions and live q&a with the event organisers

Immediately after the RIAK hosted workshops, we will be holding an event briefing session to go through the finer details and to answer any questions participants might have about the event.

Live stream, commentary and rider check-ins

For the entire 24-hours, we will be hosting a live stream with update shows and live rider check-ins via the VWTTC Zoom room.  In previous editions this has provided a really fascinating insight into the mindset of some of the top endurance riders in the world!

Post-race virtual goody bag

Benefit from our fantastic partner relationships and enjoy a whole range of partner offers and discounts as a reward for all your hard work!

THE cost

6-hour Team Relay – £15 per team
3-hour ITT – £30
6-hour ITT – £40
12-hour ITT – £50
24-hour ITT – £60