the virtual
world 24-HOUR time trial championships

6pm gmt, 14 JANUARY 2023

in collaboration with RAAM & WTTC, hosts of the official world endurance time trial championships


live stream

What will we be doing?

For the entire event, we will be running a live stream to enable participants and supporters to keep track of the action.  Our coverage will include:

  • a live pre-race show from 5:30pm GMT;
  • interviews with some of the elite riders taking part, the organisers of Race Across America, Total Endurance Nutrition and more;
  • rider check-ins as they race;
  • periodic update shows; and 
  • commentary in the final 30-minutes before the end of each championship.

Our coverage will be hosted by VCyling News on their various channels.  Please use the buttons below to head to the live stream.


the events

Team Time Trials, 3, 6, 12 & 24-HOUR championship events

Choose your championship!    

We have 3, 6, 12 and 24-hour championship events all starting at the same time and running together, feeding off each other’s energy and spurring one another on. 

The unique benefit of a virtual event is that participants can choose their preferred time trial duration and everyone races at the same time, on the same course, without getting in each others’ way!

So, whether you only have a few hours in you, or want to really test your metal and go for the big one, there will be an appropriate championship for you. 

In the preceding week, we also have 1 & 3-hour Team Time Trial events you can do at a time to suit your team. Double up and become the TTT champion and solo champion of your chosen durations!

‘pro’ & ‘community’ events

We appreciate that not everyone wanting to take part will have the right equipment or the wish to ‘compete’ at the highest level.  The solo events, therefore, can be completed as a wholly inclusive ‘community’ event with few regulations, or as a ‘pro’ event, which must comply with strict race rules.  

The logic behind this is, we want to make the events open to as many as possible and allow those using it as more of a personal challenge, to avoid stringent equipment and weigh-in requirements, which might otherwise put them off participating.

team time trial

In addition to the solo events, why not consider forming a team for the Team Time Trial Championships?

The TTTs are structured in such a way that teams can complete the event whenever they wish, over the course of the week preceding the solo events. This means that if you wish, you can compete in both the TTT and a solo event!

1-hour and 3-hour TTTs are available, so start wrangling your friends and get your session planned for the week commencing 9th January 2023.

TTT teams will be required to fulfil the same ‘policing’ requirements as our solo ‘pro’ event, so make sure you designate a team captain to help the team navigate the admin.

how the events will work

For further details on how the events work in practice, please hit the button below and head to the ‘How It Works’ page.  Here are a few key details though:

Where will it take place?

For this event we will be using our partner platform WahooRGT, so we highly recommend creating yourself at least a Freemium account and getting acquainted.


Each participant will enter their chosen championship in advance (i.e. the 3-hour, 6-hour, 12-hour or 24-hour championship) and will be required to add a specific event tag to their name in WahooRGT.

Joining the event

Come race day, joining links will be circulated to participants and the race server will go live about 30-minutes before race start.  All of the solo events will start at the same time.


Whichever solo championship you choose to compete in, we start together as a mass start time trial.  This means no one will be able to benefit from in-race drafting, despite having riders on course to chase. 


Those participating in the ‘Community’ event, for whichever championship they have chosen, will have their results collected but we will not attempt to verify them and so they will be somewhat unofficial.  There will be a separate ‘Community’ results table and will of course still be able to see how they might have stacked up against the ‘Pro’ results table, once results for that are released.

Participants of the ‘Pro’ event, however, will be required to submit their results for confirmation and comply with our verification requirements. 


For the ‘Pro’ events,  complying with the terms of the #ridefair initiative and fulfilling the requirements of their eBioPassport will be a condition of entry.

To be as inclusive as possible, the ‘Community’ event will not have such requirements and will even allow the use of ‘virtual power’.

the course

[Click for larger image]

Every year, the best endurance time trial racers from around the world descend on Borrego Springs, a quiet Southern California resort community. Here they do battle for the coveted eulogy of World 24-hour Time Trial Champion.

In our virtual rendering of the legendary event, all participants will race on the flat and fast ‘real road’ created by WahooRGT.  This is a 7.7km loop with just 19m of elevation gain per lap. Perfect time trialling terrain!


At TOEC, we don’t just create epic events and challenges, we provide a full service package for participants, which  includes:

– Virtual Goody Bags containing free access to Precision Rewards programme and partner discounts;

– We will be hosting x2 live RIAK coached online training sessions on 6th January to help you prepare for the event.  Not only will they be a chance to learn, but they will also provide an excellent opportunity to test your WahooRGT set-up in advance of the event;

– Event briefing sessions and live Q&A with the event organisers – link to the recording of this session can now be found on the ‘How It Works’ page;

– Access to essential training resources covering topics such as fuelling and hydration, strength training, injury prevention etc – link to the race nutrition advice from Total Endurance Nutrition can now be found on the ‘How It Works’ page;

– A live streaming package and update shows for the duration of the solo events with live rider check-ins as they compete, professional commentary; and expert coach analysis; and

– More!

THE cost

TTT 1-hour – $50 per team
TTT 3-hour – $75 per team
3-hour Pro ITT – $40
6-hour Pro ITT – $50
12-hour Pro ITT – $60
24-hour Pro ITT – $70