Rich is also the founder and head coach of RIAK Fitness, a cycling and triathlon coaching business supporting the full spectrum of athlete experience levels.

Alongside helping to build our events, he is the one that prepares any event specific training support packages.  

You can also see him leading the weekly RIAK ONLINE live coached cycling session on WahooRGT.


Co-founder of VCycling News, an online broadcaster providing info and chat from the world of virtual cycling, 

Riley is our tech and streaming guy and you can see him regularly leading the stream on a number of WahooRGT’s biggest events.


 – What is TOEC?

As the name suggests, we create unique online/virtual events supported by a whole package of services.  Each event is different but this can include: 

– pre-event live training sessions to help you prepare, 

– event specific training plans, 

– live streams of the event with commentary and interviews with athletes as they actually participate, 

– virtual goody bags; and 

– more!


– How do your events work?

Typically our events leverage WahooRGT’s virtual cycling platform, but only a free RGT account is required. 

– How are TOEC events different?

Our events are special in many way but probably most notably, their scale! We have exclusive access to WahooRGT 24-hour servers, which means we can host some serious epic adventures!

– Do I need a smart trainer/bike to do the events?

To really engage with our events, a smart trainer/bike does enhance the experience as you will need a set-up compatible with WahooRGT or  similar platform.  However, many of our challenges have a ‘community’ event, which typically has less stringent participation requirements.  This means that you don’t have to comply with eBioPassport rules and in many instances, can participate using something called Virtual Power.