What we do

Real world made virtual
The prestige and challenge of your favourite real world events but without leaving your own home!
Epic Online Events
Leveraging the versatility of the virtual environment to bring epic events on a scale impossible in the real world
Challenges For Discounts
Reach checkpoints or complete goals to earn deeper and deeper discounts on your favourite brands
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Upcoming events


Training plans & coaching exclusively for our events

Our virtual events are unique in their scale and the types of challenges they present. 

That is why we have teamed up with two amazing partners in the form of Pillar, the AI driven training management platform and RIAK, virtual event coaching specialists, to help you ensure you are equal to the task come event day.

how our events work

Typically, our events leverage the immersive training and racing platform of our partners, IndieVelo .

IndieVelo is currently free to use, so all you will need is a compatible smart trainer or power meter and non-smart trainer combo and you will be able to get involved with our events!

For all the details regarding technical specifications, head to the IndieVelo support page.

our partners