13 - 24 june 2024

an official 
raam adventure

the event

honouring a legend

For 41 years, RAAM has tested the greatest endurance cyclists from around the globe with a nearly 5000km route from Oceanside on the West coast, to City Dock in Annapolis on the East coast. In total, the route crosses 12 states and accumulates over 53,000m of vertical ascent.
The V-RAAM is your oppprtunity to salute the greats of endurance cycling whilst the real wolrd event is taking place.  The virtual event, hosted on our partner platform WahooRGT consists of 12 consecutive days of racing, sampling key sections of a different state each day.  Make no mistake, whilst the V-RAAM is shorter than it’s real world sibling, nearly 800km on an indoor trainer in 12-days is a proper undertaking.


12-days of racing

Participants will race for 12 consecutive days over faithful recreations of carefully chosen 40-mile sections of the real world RAAM route.

• Each day we will race a section from a different state. We should in fact, progress at roughly the same pace through the states as the top real world RAAM participants.

• And just like them, on the 12th day, we will finish at City Dock in Annapolis.

• The virtual courses have been selected to ensure they are challenging but realistically possible to be completed within the 4-hour server limit of WahooRGT.

• V-RAAM participants will take on some of the major challenges that RAAM participants must surmount, for instance, the infamous Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado and the Apalachians in the Eastern states.  The difference being, V-RAAM participants don’t even need to leave their house!

Different start times for different time zones

• To accommodate the international draw of RAAM, each day, we will run 4 event start times to accommodate different time zones (6:00am, 10:00am, 6:30pm and Midnight BST).

• The racing will be conducted as a mass start individual time trial with drafting dynamics turned off. This reflects how the real world event operates and enables us to bring together a GC from the different time zones.

Catch-up day

The best thing about virtual racing is the flexibility.  For anyone that misses a stage, we will be running a catch-up day on the 25th of June when we will run every stage again at each of the normal event times (6:00am, 10:00am, 6:30pm and 12:00pm BST).

Overall & Segment General Classifiactions

• The main competition will consist of a cumulative time based GC (the Overall GC).

• However, each 40-mile course contains a key timed segment.  Therefore, if you are not confident in your ability to race over 40-miles day-in-day-out, you can concentrate on each day’s segment to challenge for the Segment GC. In effect, each day there is a race within a race!



• Prizes will be on offer for:
~ 1st – 3rd male and female in the Overall GC;

~ First male and female in the Segment GC; and

~ A general prize draw for all participants.

collection results & ebiopassport

Result collection will be largely automated, so there is no need to send us .fit file etc.

However, if you would like to be elligible for the Overall GC and Segment GC, you will need to comply with certain verification criteria.  At TOEC, we use our sister platform, eBioPassport to verify results.

For the V-RAAM. participants will need to follow the following verification steps:

1. Provide a weigh-in video taken within 24-hours of the start of the V-RAAM (only needs to be done once);

2. Upload a recalibration video each day before starting the stage; and

3. Upload the .fit file from each stage (just for verification, not for results purposes).

Virtual power is allowed, however, participants using virtual power will  not be elligible for GC prizes.

the course

Each day a new 40-mile course will take in key sections of one of the 12 states traversed by RAAM.
Full details of each of the courses will be released in due course but below are some highlights to look forward to.
DAY 1 – California 
The first 40-mile stretch will commence just as for the real world event, from Oceanside pier heading East towards Borrego, the site of the recent World 24-hour Time Trial Championships.
DAY 2 – Arizona
Here the course heads North towards Utah, passing the little-known Grand Canyon [sarcasm] along the way.
DAY 3 – Utah 

RAAM only passes through Utah for a short while, following the course of the San Juan river into Colorado but it’s a beatiful stretch.

DAY 4 – Colorado

In Colarado, we have one thing on our minds, can we make it to the top of the infamous Wolf Creek Pass, which sits over 3000m above sea level.

DAY 5 – Kansas
We’re into flatter territory as we continue East into the Great Central Plain. Time to hit the pedals hard if you are pushing in the GC!
DAY 6 – Missouri
The climbing legs are back on as we flow through rolling terrain, most notably the mountanous region around the Ozark lakes.
DAY 7 – Ilinois
More head down, time trialling territory as we head into the Interior Plains of Illinois.  Let’s get into a rhythm and keep the pace high! 
DAY 8 – Indiana
We skirt the northern side of Lake Monroe cutting through Yellowwood State Forest.
DAY 9 – Ohio

Ohio sees the start of our attempted conquest of the Appalachians, begginning in the western foothills.

DAY 10 – West Virginia

Now we’re really into the meaty climbing as we take on the Appalachians proper.

DAY 11 – Pennsylvania

We only dip into Pennsylvania for about 40-miles, which makes our course choice very simple.  With about 800m of climbing in that distance, the route itself is anything but!

DAY 12 – Maryland

On the final day, we drink in our accomplishment of surviving 12 hard days of racing and expect to finish in-time to see the top real world RAAM participants pull up at City Dock in Annapolis.

support services

As always, our events are backed up by a stellar package of supporting services:

– live coached recce rides and group workouts, curteousy of our friends at RIAK Fitness

  • Group Workout discussing pacing – Wednesday 31 May @ 10am & 6:30pm BST
  • Group recce ride discussing how to handle multi-day events – Monday 5 June @ 10am & 6:30pm BST

– live stream with commentary for every day of racing;

– expert analysis and check-ins with the real world RAAM hosts;

– in-race rider check-ins via the TOEC Zoom room;

– event specific training plans worth over $40;

– prizes not only for the Overall GC podium and Segment GC competition but a really cool open prize draw too!

– suite of help videos for those new to WahooRGT and our events; and

– an array of sponsor discounts.

THE cost

Bronze package

$ 60
  • Event Entry
  • Prize Draw Entry
  • Sponsor Discounts

Silver package

$ 90
  • Event Entry
  • Prize Draw Entry
  • Sponsor Discounts
  • 3-month Precision Rewards Subscription
  • Access To Pre-event Live Coached Training Sessions

Gold package

$ 120
  • Event Entry
  • Prize Draw Entry
  • Sponsor Discounts
  • 6-month Precision Rewards Subscription
  • Access To Pre-event Live Coached Training Sessions
  • 8-week Event Specific Training Plan