how it works


Each participant will enter either the ‘community’ or ‘pro’ category of their chosen championship in advance (i.e. the ‘community’ or ‘pro’ 3-hour, 6-hour, 12-hour or 24-hour championship).  

Riders will only be able to compete in their chosen championship, so for example, someone competing in the 24-hour championship will not be eligible for the 3 or 6-hour championship as well.  We do hope that in future events we can change that, but it is not logistically feasible currently.

Team Relay

Teams of 3 can compete in the 6-hour Team Relay Challenge, whereby each will complete a 2-hour stint and the team with the greatest cumulative distance covered wins!

Each 2-hour stint will take place on a separate server, so the next rider must be in the pen, ready to go for when the rider before them finishes and they will be let loose.

Rider Names

Please ensure that your IndieVelo username is easy to reconcile with the name given during registration.

Joining the event

It is incredibly straightforward to join events on IndieVelo.  The different races will all appear in the IndieVelo events calendar and all you will need to join the starting pen is the relevant access code that we will circulate to you on the day of the event.


All of the solo events will start at 6pm GMT on 9 December. 

Whichever championship you choose to compete in, we start together as a mass start time trial.  This means no one will be able to benefit from in-race drafting, despite having riders on course to chase. 

Each solo championship will take place on a different race server and each will be a time limited race.  This means that once the timer hits zero in each championship, the race will finish i.e in the 3-hour championship, at 9m GMT, the race will end and it is the person who has covered the greatest distance in that 3-hours who will win.

Collecting results

Race results are collected automatically.  We may require further information from those racing in the ‘pro’ events for verification purposes, but this will only apply in circumstances where a rider needs to provide evidence to support their result.

Equipment Requirements 

For the ‘Community’ events, we are very relaxed as to what equipment you use to participant. The only requirements are those basic equipment requirements necessary to operate IndieVelo.  Please use the button below to head to IndieVelo’s minimum specifications.

For the ‘Pro’ events, you must use:

  1. a chest strap heart rate monitor (wrist monitors are not accurate enough we’re afraid);
  2. a cadence sensor; and
  3. have a smart trainer as your primary power source.

If you have one, we would also really recommend running and logging the data from a power meter as well.  This will help evidence your ride in the unlikely scenario that we require further verification from you.

‘Pro’ Event Verification

IndieVelo has fantastic verification resources for event organisers, which is based of a rider’s critical power curve (you can read more using the button below).

If you are an experience rider on IndieVelo and are happy your CP data reflects your level, there is nothing more for you to do.

However, if you are new to IndieVelo or feel your CP data is not accurate for whatever reason, you must perform a 20-min FTP test (not a ramp test) in IndieVelo in advance of the event.

All ‘Pro’ event participants are also required to join the VWTTC Strava Club, so that there is full transparency of participants’ data.